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  • Chobani Greek Yogurt was launched January 2008 and chose MPS Enterprises to be the Sales Agent for the Mid-Atlantic Market.
  • MPS secured Ahold as the first account to place items into distribution - five core flavors
  • As our launch plan expanded into other accounts, MPS was able use data sources (IRI) to position brand in Main-Stream shelf sets vs Specialty Division.
  • MPS facilitated negotiations with Chobani/Retailers that resulted in a Consumer trade-up strategy that is still in effect today.  
  • Chobani achieved double digit growth trends year after year to finally secure the number #1 yogurt in the category.  Chobani was also the key driver to category growth during that timeframe.
  • MPS was also able to increase the footprint throughout the marketplace by adding both flavor assortments and larger sizes/ Multi Packs.
  • The Roadmap for success implemented by MPS is still imitated today by current CPG companies
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